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Over the last 9.5 months, Donna has heard so many people talk about their fear, their anger and sometimes, our very survival. She has also noticed what seems too often to be missing in those conversations ... and that is hope. She has often found Womanist theology to be a frame for finding hope in the midst of pain and fear. Come, as Donna shares some of what she has learned from Womanist Theology that has offered her hope, and survival or strength, amidst political and personal chaos.

Donna Sequeira, M.Div. ministers, as she is able, to those outside (and inside) religious communities through spiritual direction, teaching and celebrating life transitions. She is a graduate of Starr King School for the Ministry and is the former Social Justice Coordinator for the Southeast District. Donna lives in Richmond with her spouse, Margaret, and their daughter, Mollie.

UU Kids: Our UU Teens will be exploring the concept of body image. Did you know that the average teen is exposed to more than 5,000 messages about what it means to be attractive each year? We'll take a look at what our families, communities and culture tell us about our bodies and our image – and we'll spend some time considering the consequences of negative body images as well as how to build a positive body image that can carry positivity into every aspect of our lives.
The kids will work on some fall crafts and enjoy the playground

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