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UUFR-VA Sunday Service Schedule

Dave Dustin

July 31 - Dave Dustin :  The Arc of the Moral Universe

In his famous "Where Do We Go From Here?" speech of August 1967 to the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Martin Luther King Jr. said, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. " Join Dave as he reflects on these words.

Dave Dustin holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Maryland University and retired from Johns Hopkins University/Applied Physics Laboratory in 2012 after 38 years of service. During the years of 2000 – 2006 he worked as a cyber-security consultant to the Federal Aviation Administration. He is currently serving on the UUFR-VA Board of Stewards as past-president and as a vice president for the Kids First Foundation. He also volunteers at the White Stone Baptist Church’s Food Pantry, and, along with his wife Terrie, does furniture pick-ups for the Interfaith Service Council.

Please join us for the 5th Sunday Potluck immediately following the service.

Lee Anne Washington

August 7 - Lee Anne Washington:  A United Call to Action -- A Report from the 2016 UUA General Assembly

Lee Anne will discuss experiences that she found inspiring as a first time attendee at a UUA General Assembly (GA). She will focus on the main themes and resolutions of the GA, but will also discuss some of the workshops that were offered this year, along with her personal experiences. Lee Anne's daughter, Lucy, was so impressed and inspired by her experience that she wants to present a workshop on Vegetarianism/Veganism next year.

Lee Anne Washington has been an attorney, author, and educator for more than 25 years. She is a graduate of the College of William & Mary in Virginia and the University of Virginia Law School. She was raised in the United Methodist Church, lived ten years as a Modern Orthodox Jewess, and became a member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Rappahannock earlier this year. Lee Anne is currently in her second year of seminary, attending Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA, in pursuit of a Masters in Divinity and ordination as a Unitarian Universalist minister. She is the author of “The Human Life Equation, a Biblical Case for Choice”.

Sara Mackey

August 14 - Sara Mackey:  Think of Me

An old bookmark found on the floor of a library carries a tender message from the past: “Think of Me.” Join Sara Mackey, and us, as we imagine, together, the power that we have to slowly change the world -- by the way we think of people.

Sara Mackey has been a friend of UUFR-VA since her seminary days, when the fellowship was meeting in the Women’s Club down the road. She lives in Richmond and currently works at Union Presbyterian Seminary, where she earned her M.Div. She has served Williamsburg UU as Director of Faith Development, and she has volunteered in many capacities over the years at UU Community Church in Glen Allen.

August 21 - Rev. Laura Jackson:  Matters of the Heart

It is said that everything begins with the heart. What does that really mean? From the physical heart, with a complex intrinsic network of neurons, to the energetic heart, with an enormous electromagnetic field, the heart has become known as the ‘little brain’. Learn how heart-focused positive feeling states can bring your brain into entrainment with your heart – and what it means for you and the people around you.

Rev. Laura Jackson is a speaker, author, coach and musician. While Rev. Laura is emerging as a nationally-recognized speaker on Earth Changes, she speaks on many topics, bridging Edgar Cayce's readings and ancient prophecies with modern science and quantum physics.

Assisted Listening Devices Available.

For anyone who might benefit from using an assisted listening device in our services, excellent equipment is available. Both a ceiling mike and a wireless mike provide a good pickup that is sent wirelessly to these devices. See Tom Kinney, Bob Weekley, or Don Lowrey to try one.

Participation and sharing . . . are the strengths of our fellowship.
Are you thinking about a talk to share with us? Do you know of a program you would like to bring to us?
Our Program Committee can help you put together and organize a Sunday service.
Contact Shirley Kinney -- Program Chair