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UUFR-VA Sunday Service Schedule

Bob Weekley

May 29 - Bob Weekley:  Abandon Hope!

In Dante’s famous work about Heaven and Hell, the gateway of Hell is inscribed with “All hope abandon ye who enter here.” But Buddhists would say that “abandoning hope is an affirmation, the beginning of the beginning” that can lead to a more fulfilled life. Bob will explore how our understanding of “hope and fear,” can affect our approach to living.

Bob Weekley is a retired career U.S. Army officer and international business executive. He is the past-president and a long time member of UUFR. He and his wife Elaine moved to Lancaster from Arlington in 1998.

Please join us for the 5th Sunday Potluck immediately following the service.

Scott Mabe

June 5 - Scott Mabe:  Why Forgiveness?

Scott will expand on his recent program, In Love With Love, to address the issue of forgiveness and why it is so important to us. He will outline what forgiveness is and what it is not. He will discuss why it is so difficult to forgive others who have hurt us. He will describe the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation. Finally, he will suggest how to go about forgiving another (as well as ourselves). Then, members of the Fellowship will be invited to share their experiences and insights about forgiveness.

Prior to his retirement, Scott Mabe, was a family counselor for 25 years and later taught sociology and psychology at Rappahannock Community College for 15 years.


Assisted Listening Devices Available.

For anyone who might benefit from using an assisted listening device in our services, excellent equipment is available. Both a ceiling mike and a wireless mike provide a good pickup that is sent wirelessly to these devices. See Tom Kinney, Bob Weekley, or Don Lowrey to try one.

Participation and sharing . . . are the strengths of our fellowship.
Are you thinking about a talk to share with us? Do you know of a program you would like to bring to us?
Our Program Committee can help you put together and organize a Sunday service.
Contact Shirley Kinney -- Program Chair