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UUFR-VA Sunday Service Schedule

Scott Mabe

February 14 - Scott Mabe:  In Love With Love

Scott will outline how love songs, romantic movies, biological research and psychological theory have attempted to explain the elusive concept of love. He will also share some of the things that he learned about love from the women and men with whom he worked in couples counseling. Then, members of the fellowship will be invited to share their experiences and insights about love.

Scott Mabe, and his wife Beth, are recent members of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Rappahannock. Before his retirement, Scott was a family and couples counselor for 25 years and later taught psychology at Rappahannock Community College for 15 years.

Mike Knez

February 21 - Mike Knez:  Why Do I Come To This Place?

Mike will explore the questions: Why do I come to the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of the Rappahannock? What brought me here to begin with? Why do I keep coming back? What do I hope to find here? What do I intend to do here? He will also ask these questions of those that show up to hear him speak. An additional question might be: Why did you choose to come here this morning after considering all the worthwhile things you could be doing?

Mike Knez, has been a member of the UUFR-VA since 2008. He has lived in Middlesex County for going on 26 years now. A military brat and a bit of a nomad in his younger years, it has been the longest he has ever lived in one locale. He is a father of three, a grandfather of two and a husband of one. He has worked the past three years plus as a family advocate for Bridges Head Start which serves the Middle Peninsula. It is finally a job he loves. Before that he worked at the Middle Peninsula-Northern Neck Community Services Board providing mental health support services in a variety of job titles and as a prevention specialist slash family educator. He had a mental health crisis of his own while working as a mental health recovery specialist. He views his attendance at the UUFR-VA as part of his recovery plan.

Margaret Sequeira

February 28 - Margaret Sequeira:  Humanists and Spiritual Practice

Often articles, books and descriptions of spiritual practices assume a faith in God, yet Unitarian Universalism includes atheists, agnostics and humanists. Does that mean then that humanists don’t need or have spiritual practices? What might humanists have to teach those who have a more theistic understanding about spiritual practice?

Margaret M. Sequeira, MTS is currently seeking her next professional opportunity after serving as the Consulting Minister for the UU Congregation of the Outer Banks. She possesses a Masters of Theological Studies from the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara and is a candidate for UU ministry. She blogs regularly at She lives in Richmond with her spouse Donna and their daughter Mollie.

Assisted Listening Devices Available.

For anyone who might benefit from using an assisted listening device in our services, excellent equipment is available. Both a ceiling mike and a wireless mike provide a good pickup that is sent wirelessly to these devices. See Tom Kinney, Bob Weekley, or Don Lowrey to try one.

Participation and sharing . . . are the strengths of our fellowship.
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