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Projections show that up to 80% of us will develop dementia by our late 80s. The bad news is that it is the epidemic that will bankrupt Medicare and bankrupt our entire country unless we find better ways to deal with it. And, the really bad news is that it already needlessly costs many their meaningful lives. The good news is that a new way to understand the person with dementia can significantly reduce the costs and damaging effects of the illness today. Our communities have a major role to play in reclaiming the humanness of people with dementia and their caregivers.

Dr. Paul Malone has been a clinical psychologist for 51 years, with dementia now his special interest. After 43 years, he finally reconnected with and married his high school sweetheart and soulmate, Gaylee, 18 years ago. Gaylee was an accomplished artist, poet, singer-songwriter, and medical supply business owner with a beautiful soul. She developed dementia starting five years ago. Gaylee and Paul are learning to continue to live in joy with the disease. They will share their story, what they have learned about dementia, and how “it takes a village” to reclaim our wonderful humanness in the face of this devastating illness.

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